Beowulf 2020

God made a world of hate and love
Where demons devour joy and devils crunch skulls.
Into this world comes Beowulf, built for battle
against all the hateful demons of creation.

Now Beowulf stands naked, covered with a remnant
Of his once great valor.
He can feel the warm embrace of the Dragon flame
the power that dissolves all shields and armor

Win glory before death, Beowulf told his team
As they trudged toward a future as water vapor
Dragon flames brought the Failure he did not foresee,
As the vain men ran from the judgment of the flame

Beowulf saw the movie of his life.
Episodes of a trilogy building to his final battle
His universe his hero with valor as his wife
Now the writers guarantee no fourth story

Episode 1: so long ago! Beowulf saves parties and joy
From Grendel, the demon disturbed deep in the Earth
Grendel defies joyous laughter by eating all who feast
and Devouring all the fruits of creation and birth

Good special effects, especially the eating scenes

Beowulf chose no sword against Grendel, checking
constant cruelty with brave confidence and full faith
Grendel’s arm spawned with a piece of each weapon human made:
The lethal saber Beowulf detaches; cunning and courage with Grendel defeated by his own arms

In episode 2, Grendel descends to die with demon Mom
Her son’s death brings rage of revenge.
Beowulf descends as well down, down
Days of swimming through wet evil swords
Descent toward defeat, his weapons useless
Only his god-provided armor prevailed.

Protected by his valor, Beowulf took the sword of hatred
And dissolved it in the boiling blood of demons
Mothers endless rage defeated by warriors bravery
Bringing peace, love and joy for the kingdom.

For episode 3, why complete the trilogy:
Decades and decades we enjoyed our prosperity
Until vanity and pride steal treasure from a Dragon
Stirring the beast to defend his gold

And burn baby burn

Now Beowulf stands against chaos, not evil
A Dragon made by his kingdoms lust he can’t fight
Beowulf dies, and with death saves his remnant of valor
The remnant reveals the lessons of liberty and bravery
A sad lesson
Greed cannot conquer Greed, only valor can.