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Powerful orbits are what allow us to resist the decay and entropy that infect all systems!  Those orbits are our communities!  Our Orbs is committed to making these positive contributions that make individuals and our communities strong.

Just like the individual who engraved this rock before the trip on the Oregon trail, we leave our mark in the things we say and do with others.

Flowers for the Living

Flowers for the Living, essays by Jw Fairchild is available now in limited distribution. It will soon be available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in eBook, hardback and paperback.  Click on the links below for a preview copy.

Flowers for the Living hardback edition

Flowers for the Living paperback Edition

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Are U Old Shirt Available

Our Orbs has a new original shirt with the Are U Old game on the back of what is, frankly, and old design bowling shirt.  Show all those folks that even if you are old and don't want a Tee Shirt focusing attention on your front, you are cool enough to have fun.

Available in all sizes.  Email us if interested!


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Beowulf 2020

Tweet for heroic epics as part of GISH 2020.


Beowulf 2020 for GISH



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